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Disney Astrology icons for d_challenge

30 icons featuring male heroic Disney characters from the following movies:
» Aladdin, Atlantis, Beauty and the Beast, Emperor's New Groove, Enchanted, Great Mouse Detective, Hercules, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Lilo & Stitch, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Mulan, Peter Pan, Pocahontas, Princess and the Frog, Rescuers Down Under, Robin Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Tarzan, Toy Story 3, Treasure Planet, Up, Winnie the Pooh

Made for a claim at d_challenge

Note: Not everything is a perfect fit, but I wanted to have more recognizable and human characters where possible, so that people don't rush over to their sign and be like, "...what. Who are these people. :|" There are alternates and explanations at the bottom. Also, the dates listed are for 2011, so may not be accurate for the year you were born.

zodiac (disney males)

Aries (Mar. 20 ~ Apr. 20)Taurus (Apr. 20 ~ May 21)

Gemini (May 21 ~ June 21)Cancer (June 21 ~ July 23)
AladdinPeter PanBeastCarl

Leo (July 23 ~ Aug. 23)Virgo (Aug. 23 ~ Sept. 23)

Libra (Sept. 23 ~ Oct. 23)Scorpio (Oct. 23 ~ Nov. 22)

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 ~ Dec. 22)Capricorn (Dec. 22 ~ Jan. 20)
Robin HoodJohn SmithShangWoody

Aquarius (Jan. 20 ~ Feb. 19)Pisces (Feb. 19 ~ Mar. 20)



In the process of updating... If you're wondering where I got caps/textures, just ask. :)


Aries brave, adventurous, initiating, impulsive, active, enthusiastic, leaders
• I picked Kuzco because he doesn't fear anything -- he's not afraid of consequences, not afraid to get his way, never backs down. He has charm and self-confidence, and he's a very active person, always starting new projects as he thinks of them. And he wears red, the color of this sign.
• I picked Stitch because of his warlike tendencies. He has the energy and the destructiveness and fearlessness of a child but also a certain charisma as well.

Taurus patient, conservative, determined, stubborn, comfort-loving, down-to-earth, reliable
• I picked Hercules because he's gentle and reliable, someone who is calm and does not lose his temper often. Once he finds his goal to become a hero, he works and works and works at it until it happens.
• I picked Winnie the Pooh because he loves his creature comforts (his honey, his home, etc.), and while normally pretty lazy, he will also go to great lengths in his pursuit of honey. He is a constant and faithful friend to Christopher Robin and has absolutely no temper whatsoever.

Gemini talkative, energetic, fickle, quick-witted, restless, curious, clever
• Most people say he's Sagittarius but I picked Aladdin as a Gemini because he's a quick thinker, quick on his feet, and he has the ability to talk himself out of tight spots. His cleverness and trickster personality enabled him to get a free wish out of the Genie and to defeat Jafar.
Peter Pan is a super Gemini! He likes to flit from one thing to the next, nothing really keeping his attention for very long, eternally youthful. His fickleness is one of his major negative traits, as Wendy discovers when he completely forgets about her once he rescues Tiger Lily. He also has a trickster side as evidenced by the way he likes to tease and play with Hook and Smee.

Cancer loving, cautious, protective, home-loving, moody, kind, possessive
• This was a hard one but I picked Beast for Cancer because he's very fond of his home (he only leaves it once in the movie) and is very emotional/moody/self-pitying. He can be kind and protective to those under his care, even if he doesn't really show this at the beginning, and can be possessive as well. Some things don't fit though -- I kind of get the feeling that Cancers sulk rather than rage when they don't get the way, and Beast has a tendency to be way more direct than Cancers are, and Cancers are very sympathetic to others, even strangers, so I don't see a Cancer turning away an old beggar woman at the door. But oh well, I tried my best.
Carl is a perfect Cancer, I think. His home and family were extremely important to him, and it was a crushing blow when he realized Ellie couldn't have children. And even when he goes on an adventure to South America, he STILL stays inside his house. If that's not home-loving, I don't know what is. Though crabby at first, he has a very kind, nurturing, fatherly side to him that he shows to Russel.

Leo natural leader, dominant, purposeful, bossy, ambitious, generous, confident
• I picked Simba because, well, he's a lion. I actually don't think adult!Simba fits this type very well, but young!Simba? Heck yes. He's ambitious (he's gonna be the mane event like no king was before), confident, always standing in the spotlight. Even when he grows up, though, he keeps the trait of being a born leader.
• I put Phoebus as a Leo because he's a natural leader, someone who can inspire purpose in a raging mob, he's as confident as Quasimodo is not, and he's generous and humanitarian. Also, I think he LOOKS pretty lion-like... And his name is related to the Sun, which rules the Leo sign, so there you go.

Virgo meticulous, critical, industrious, humble, fussy, analytical, dutiful
• I picked Phillip not for personality reasons but because he looks like a Virgo and I know he's one of the more popular princes. He has a neat, immaculate appearance, with delicate features, and wears earthy colors. I'm not sure if he has a clear enough personality to say he's NOT a Virgo too. If you don't like my choice, I included two others.
• I think Bernard is a Virgo because he's hard-working and unassuming (worked as a janitor). He's also shy and modest, not very confident in himself, and can be a bit of a worrier too.
• I also put Milo as a back-up Virgo because he's very meticulous and intelligent, a hardworker, and can be a little awkward/shy. I think I like him better as an Aquarius, though.
Shang is the other back-up Virgo (I had issues picking out Virgos...). He's very exacting and critical (see the "I'll Make a Man out of You" sequence), very dutiful and hard-working, and can be shy too.

Libra diplomatic, romantic, indecisive, charming, social, easy-going, cultured
• OMG Naveen is such a Libra. Charming, ardent, pleasant company, a natural sweet-talker, while disliking to dirty his hands with real work. Perfect Libra.
Eric was another person I just assigned here because he's a popular prince. But I mean, he's pretty easy-going and laidback and even when he decides on something (to marry the girl who saved him) he's able to be persuaded out of it, which is kind of a Libra trait.

Scorpio perceptive, inwardly passionate/emotional, determined, vengeful, secretive, sensitive, inquisitive
• I picked Jim Hawkins because he's someone that maintains a calm, uncaring exterior while harboring strong emotions underneath. When people betray him (his father, John Silver), it hurts him deeply and becomes pent-up resentment, but he doesn't like to talk about it.
• I picked Tarzan because he's curious and perceptive -- he picks up details about the human world rapidly while keeping his own world a secret. Outwardly calm, but underneath a very passionate person with powerful emotions.

Sagittarius adventurous, honest, philosophical, optimistic, risk-taking, blunt, freedom-loving
• I picked Robin Hood mostly for the joke there (Sagittarius, like Robin, is an archer). But the personality fits a little as well -- Robin Hood is daring, a cheerful, good-humored risk-taker.
John Smith is the perfect Sagittarius -- a wanderer who seeks adventure, and has even offended with his blunt honesty as Sagittarians are wont to do ("We've improved the lives of savages all over the world." "Savages?!" "Uh, not that you’re a savage." "Just my people."). He also tends to remain optimistic and cheerful even in adversity ("I've gotten out of worse scrapes than this.").
• Most people say Aladdin is a Sagittarius, and I can see it. He's adventurous and risk-taking, with a cheerful, confident personality and a generous nature.

Capricorn hard-working, ambitious, disciplined, responsible, organized, reserved, respectful of authority
• I picked Shang because he has a lot of self-discipline and is comfortable in a leadership role. His personality can be a little dry/humorless and he's a hard-worker who likes to adhere to tradition. I also think that his excitement at being put in charge of a troop reveals that he has ambitions.
• I picked Woody because he's hard-working and organized and can be a bit of a stick in the mud sometimes. At first I put him as a Leo because he's a natural leader, can be a bit bossy, and needs to always be #1 in Andy's heart, but he's like what you'd get if you combined Leo leadership with Virgo meticulousness -- BAM, a Capricorn.
• I can see Hercules as a Capricorn as well -- he's intensely hard-working and ambitious, steady and disciplined, normally diligent and dutiful, although he can be talked into taking a day off.

Aquarius inventive, humanitarian, eccentric, unconventional, individualistic, friendly but emotionally detached
Milo was my first thought. He's intelligent and innovative, unconventional and stubbornly convinced of his theories and ideas, generally friendly and genial, very humanitarian.
• I picked Basil because he's inventive and talented, uses his skills to stop crime, a bit strange and enthusiastic, generally friendly but at the same time can be a bit cold and uncaring. He's the perfect mad genius type.

Pisces imaginative, dreamy/fantasizing, artistic, idealistic, compassionate, submissive, gentle
• I picked Prince Edward because he's idealistic and caught up in his dream world. It's true that he's proud and egotistical too, but he's very gentle, does not get angry, and has a self-sacrificing side to him.
• I picked Quasimodo because Quasi is artistic (makes wooden figurines of people) but humble and self-deprecating. He is trusting and sees the world in a naive and more forgiving way than others. If you go with the interpretation that the gargoyles are in his head, then the argument can be made that he's also very imaginative and tends to indulge in fantasies!

Which sign are you? :)

Oh, also, I just wanted to say I'm planning on making a tutorial (or multiple tutorials) for some of my icons, so if you'd like a tutorial on a particular icon, let me know!
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